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Water Damage

Water Damage

Expert Water Damage Cleanup in South Dakota and Central Iowa

Get help fast to minimize the damage!

Water damage can cause serious problems for your property.  Excessive moisture in carpets or drywall encourages odor, mildew, and mold growth which doesn’t take long to spread and take over your home or business.

Mustang Disaster CleanUp will take care of the stress by handling the disaster cleanup and restoration process for you, and we’ll make sure everything gets completely dry to prevent mold from taking hold and causing a brand new problem.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us now to start the water damage restoration process. We can give you some quick tips right over the phone before we get there to help you minimize the damage.

Water damage can be caused in several different ways – flooding from heavy rains and saturated soil, a burst pipe due to age or cold weather, a sewer backup that covers your basement in nasty, dirty water, a water heater rusting through, roof leaks, a sump pump that stops working, and many more.

We have teams of expert cleaners and certified technicians, who travel the entire state, and are ready to get started. You can worry less about the mess, when you choose us for disaster cleanup and restoration of any kind.  We travel far and wide, but our main offices and shops are in the Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Pierre, South Dakota, and Story City, Iowa areas.

You can call any of our numbers, and we’ll find our closest crew to get to you as fast as possible for your water or flood damage situation.

Central IA

(515) 620-3772

Western SD

(605) 858-2569

Eastern SD

(605) 370-1990

Central SD

(605) 222-0409


How do we start the water damage cleanup process?

water damage restoration

Property destruction like water damage can create a whole slew of problems if not dried, cleaned, and repaired properly. Call us ASAP to get you cleaned up and to prevent mold from getting started.


Before we come into your home and assess the situation, our team of experts needs to know the full story.

We’ll ask you about:

Cause. What was the source of the water damage?
Power. Is the power out?
Movement. Have you moved any of your belongings since the event?
Insurance. Have you spoken to your insurance company yet?

These questions will give us the knowledge we need to move forward quickly with the cleanup process. If you need water damage restoration in Eastern, Central, Western or South Dakota or Central Iowa, contact us today to schedule our services. And if your water loss is larger than average, we can dispatch crews from other areas to assist in the cleaning and restoration process.

Mustang Disaster CleanUp continues to grow and has offices in the Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Pierre, SD areas and also Story City, IA.

We teach everyone on our crews about compassion. Whether you need us for your home or business, it can be stressful for you.  We’re here to take the stress away and give you confidence that we will get everything dry and back to normal. As soon as you call… you can worry less about the mess.

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Water Damage

It's Important That Your Water Damage Gets Properly Dried

We test the relative humidity of the air and the moisture content percentage of the material (wall studs for example) in order to set a “dry standard”. When the relative humidity is above 60% you will start having mold, so naturally, we want to bring that down quite a bit to inhibit any further growth. Water damage cleanup isn't just cleaning up the water and visible signs of wetness, it's about getting everything dry - even what you can't see.

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