Expert Water Damage Cleanup in Harrisburg, Rapid City and Presho, SD

Expert Water Damage Cleanup in Harrisburg, Rapid City and Presho, SD

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Whether the cause was an unexpected flood or a burst pipe, water damage can cause serious problems for your home. Excessive moisture in carpets or drywall encourages mold growth, which doesn't take long to spread and take over your home.

Mustang Disaster CleanUp will handle the water damage cleanup and restoration process to make sure everything in your Presho, Rapid City or Harrisburg, SD home is completely dry.

Don't wait until it's too late. Call us now to start the water damage restoration process.

Harrisburg, South Dakota: 605-370-1990
Presho, South Dakota: 605-222-0409
Rapid City, South Dakota: 605-858-2569

How do we start the water damage cleanup process?

Before we come into your home and assess the damage, our team of experts needs to know the full story. We'll ask you about:

Cause. What was the source of the water damage?
Power. Did a disaster knock out the power?
Movement. Have you moved any of your belongings since the event?
Insurance. Have you spoken to your insurance company yet?

These questions will give us the knowledge we need to move forward quickly with the water damage cleanup process. If you need water damage restoration in Harrisburg, Presho or Rapid City, SD, contact us today to schedule our services.