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Posted June 23, 2021 in Community Event

The importance of the Chamber of Commerce

The importance of the Chamber of Commerce

Mustang Disaster CleanUp invests in each city that we serve through joining local Chambers, attending social gatherings, and being readily available to serve any disasters that may take place in South Dakota, Central Iowa, and the surrounding areas. Chambers are an important way that Mustang Disaster CleanUp can give back to the community by being actively involved in the growth and future of each area and the many changes that take place throughout the years. At the end of the day, Mustang isn’t only another business offering restoration and cleaning services, they are an active part of each community’s future – voting at local elections, supporting local causes/awareness events, and visiting each gathering to ensure that our voice is heard to best represent the clients that we have the privilege of serving each and every day.

These efforts only support the mission of Mustang Disaster CleanUp; to building intentional relationships with others, supporting local efforts, and being a trusted, reputable source when disasters strike. Over the last eight years of being in business, Mustang Disaster CleanUp has had the privilege of growing close with many top professionals in the insurance, real-estate, property management, construction, and public service industries through intentional networking, hosting exciting events, and attending local ribbon cuttings through each Chamber of Commerce. Through economic changes and global pandemics, Mustang has stayed diligent in remaining connected to each Chamber to strengthen and edify local morale and support.

Looking ahead, Mustang recognizes that this is only just the beginning. Unfortunately, disaster strikes when it is least expected and it is because of this that Mustang Disaster CleanUp will continue to be a local, household name in restoration for many years to come. Because of each local Chamber of Commerce, Mustang has the opportunity to help others when they need it most. Proudly serving all of South Dakota, Central Iowa, and the surrounding areas.

Mustang Disaster CleanUp continues to grow and has offices in the Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Pierre, SD areas and also Ellsworth, IA.

Central IA

(515) 620-3772

Western SD

(605) 858-2569

Eastern SD

(605) 370-1990

Central SD

(605) 222-0409

The importance of the Chamber of Commerce