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Posted December 29, 2020 in Safety Tips

Snow: Nice or Nuisance?

Snow: Nice or Nuisance?

Living in the Midwest usually means understanding that the weather is completely unpredictable. Especially in the winter months, there are many times when it can be sunny and 60 degrees Fahrenheit one day, only to be -30 degrees Fahrenheit and blizzarding the next. For many, this is less of a hinderance during the Christmas season, as most Midwesterners enjoy the beauty, simplicity, and stillness of a gentle snowfall on Christmas day. Snow on the ground on Christmas day helps make the home feel warm and cozy. However, if a home is not properly prepared for snowfall, a warm and cozy property can quickly turn into a flood, mold, or sewage disaster.

Here are some tips we would recommend to protect your home from melting snow:

  1. Thoroughly check your property for any obstructions. If there is anything around the home that could possibly prevent melting snow from draining, take time to move it out of the way. If melted snow has nowhere to go, it most likely will pool around the foundation of your home.
  2. Clear snow and debris from your gutter system. As snow continues to fall, ensure that your gutter system is free from any debris to prevent unnecessary run off from melting snow. In addition to that, be aware that over time as water enters your gutters and freezes, swelling can occur. Overtime, this can cause cracks to form in your gutter system. Please use extreme caution when performing any maintenance task if it is slippery and consider hiring a professional. If you need local professional recommendations, please give us a call! We have a network of contractors and exterior managers throughout the area that would be able to assist you.
  3. Double check your attic (if you have one). Sometimes if it is windy outside, snow can blow through vents or cracks which can add moisture to walls and insulation. We recommend thoroughly analyzing your attic before any snowstorm occurs.
  4. Ensure that all downspouts and sump pumps are faced away from your property. If your gutter system has been cleared, make sure that any melted snow will safely run away from your home.
  5. Check all window wells, stairwells, and low areas around your home. Shovel out any places where snow has packed around low spots in your home. As snow melts, it is very common for water to enter through window wells, stairwells, or other small openings around a foundation.
  6. Check the storm sewer. Ensure that the storm sewer placed in the street is free from buildup to prevent any flooding.
  7. Check all interior and exterior pipes for any damages or leaks. This is a CRUCIAL step and could save you from a disaster. Water that enters your pipes has the chance of freezing which can cause them to burst. Burst pipes can permanently damage your home along with flood a space if not taken care of immediately.



If water enters your home or property due to melting snow, it is crucial that you act fast. Dry any area as best you can and try to locate the entrance of the running water. Once this has been done, contact your insurance company to notify them of the incident. They will most likely want as much photo/video evidence as possible to help develop a claim. Once the water has stopped entering the home, give us a call right away. Our crews are certified and will respond quickly to help prevent any further damage from occurring along with assist in restoring your valuables back to their previous condition.


It is our hope that you have a safe and joy-filled New Year free from any disaster! If you have any questions or need to inquire about a service, give us a call. We are here 24/7 to help!


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Snow: Nice or Nuisance?