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Posted October 5, 2020 in Covid Sanitation

COVID-19 Sanitation Services!

COVID-19 Sanitation Services!
As businesses continue to open back up and customers are allowed to shop inside of spaces, don’t hesitate to give us a call for any sanitation services you may need to kill bacteria and prevent it from returning.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Mustang Disaster CleanUp has been diligent in staying up-to-date with the CDC guidelines and has been working directly with a licensed hygienist to ensure that our process is safe, effective, and beneficial to each of our customers.
We perform COVID Sanitation in a two-step process:
1. Using a microfiber cloth, we wipe down each touchable space using a CDC approved solution that sanitizes and kills any present bacteria sitting on the surface. This includes high-traffic areas such as door knobs, keyboards, desk phones, remotes, appliances, etc. This directly removes any bacteria remaining on the surface and prevents it from settling in that area. In addition to that, we also reach any other area that could potentially be touched by hand such as vents, the tops of doorways, walls, outlets, picture frames, etc.
2. After we have completely wiped a space down with the sanitizer, we come through with our fogger which shoots a CDC approved product into the air, primarily killing any airborne bacteria. We do this to kill any bacteria possibly still airborne, add a coat overtop of the already wiped areas, allow the product to pass through the vents clearing up any bacteria present in the ducts, and additionally touch any hard-to-reach surfaces (ceilings and tops of walls).
Our process has been strictly in accordance with the standards set by the CDC and has been proven to be the most effective method in COVID sanitation. Our teams are fully covered in up-to-date PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), N90 Masks, and gloves to keep you and your office safe.
For any sanitation service you may need, give us a call right away. We are here to help!
Estimates are free!

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COVID-19 Sanitation Services!