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Posted August 6, 2020 in Fire Damage

How We Help Get Your Life Back To Normal After A Fire

How We Help Get Your Life Back To Normal After A Fire

One of the worst disasters a person could go through is a house or business fire. They come completely unannounced and have the capability of decimating anything in their path along with leaving the victim(s) feeling hopeless, fearful, and unsure of the future. Here at Mustang Disaster CleanUp, we want to provide expert level care for you and your home or business after a fire to help relieve some of that stress and get you back on your way to living a normal life once again.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a recent fire, it is crucial that you call for professional help RIGHT AWAY. Do not wait. Waiting can have lasting damage on items that otherwise possibly could have been restored as smoke and soot mix with moisture which creates acid. This acid creates permanent etching on items, walls, and floors which can have permanent consequences.

Upon calling Mustang Disaster CleanUp, we will:

  1. Take a thorough assessment of the building/property, looking specifically for the source of the fire, where it originated from, and how far it spread. We do this first off, to evaluate the extent of the damage and know how far the fire could have spread. This is especially important in understanding if the fire was a “black out fire”—a fire that destroyed a certain (or complete) area completely beyond restoration—or a structural fire—a fire that was contained to a certain section of the property, possibly leaving some items/areas open to restoration and deep cleaning work.
  2. Remove and inventory items that can be restored and/or deeply cleaned to try and bring back to pre-fire status. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfectly cleaned and restored after a fire. However, with many of the products that we have available at Mustang Disaster CleanUp, we will do everything in our power to get them as close as possible to their original state. If an item cannot be restored, we will help you inventory it to possibly get a claim from your insurance adjuster.
  3. Connect with your insurance to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Our biggest priority is to keep everything moving along smoothly and efficiently to help you return to normalcy quickly. In order to do this, we spend a lot of time communicating with insurance agents and adjusters to not only make sure that everyone agrees on the steps that need to be taken after the assessment, but also in making our service align with your claim, thereby preventing any large costs from falling on you the customer.
  4. Begin tearing out any porous items (any items that can hold any form of odor and/or moisture; typically, items such as insulation and cushions). This helps ensure that when the cleaning is finished you will not have any continued odor within your home or business. Unfortunately, if this step is not done, even months after a fire has occurred, you will still be able to smell the stinky smoke and/or soot residue. This will never go away until the porous items are completely removed and replaced.
  5. Use a strong sealant to prevent any form of odor from recollecting in damaged areas such as duct work, attics, and crawlspaces. After our team has removed any form of porous objects from your home or business, they will come through with a sealant to “lock in” everything; preventing further odor from entering your property.
  6. Assess any further damages that may have been caused. Unfortunately, even after the fire damage is addressed and properly taken care of, outside sources of damage can be present such as moisture buildup caused by the fire department putting out the fire, or even structural damage. We are very thorough with our services and will take the proper steps to make sure that your house or business is completely taken care of before we conclude our services.

So, you may be asking, “how do I prevent a fire in the first place?” We recommend the following:

  1. Make sure that you have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year and your duct work cleaned once every five years. These items over time collect debris that, when heated, can lead to a fire. Having a professional clean these out every so often is crucial to preventing an unwanted fire (we also provide duct cleaning!).
  2. Ensure that each electrical outlet in your home or business is not being overused. This happens when you plug in multiple electronics into only two outlets. This can happen by stacking multiple electronics to one outlet through a “chain” (Christmas light plugins), or simply by having one too many high-powered electronics plugged into the same outlet port.
  3. DO NOT use or assemble any form of a DIY splice or “bee hives” (putting electrical devices together through an electric chain). This almost always will produce a spark which can lead to a house fire.
  4. Double check all of the electrical wires in your home to ensure that there are no loose and/or exposed wires. As electricity sends high-power voltage through the wires of your electronics they can, if exposed, catch fire if in contact with another surface. It is best to replace and/or get rid of any loose or exposed wires in your home immediately.
  5. Always remember to clean the lint trap in your dryer! A simple step, but one that can ultimately lead to preventing a house fire in your home. Set a reminder on your phone or a sticky note on your dryer…just don’t forget this crucial step in laundry!
  6. Make sure you have high-grade power strips. This one might be a surprise but having cheap power strips can lead to some pretty nasty fires. Make sure that your power strips are up-to-date and are made of top-quality products to prevent a fire from burning down your home or business. Spend the few extra dollars, it might save you in the long run.


For additional advice and/or to contact one of our professionals, give us a call today! All estimates are free! Here at Mustang Disaster CleanUp, we want to make sure that you can “Worry Less, About the Mess!”


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